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Auto Insurance

Our Michigan no-fault auto insurance protection consistently ranks highest in the nation for the ratio of premium dollars paid to compensate an accident victim. Auto insurance is a significant household expense for most individuals, families and businesses. Consequently, understanding our no-fault auto insurance, making prudent choices for your coverage, and having an agent that can explain and give you many options is a key to keeping the premiums you pay manageable.


Having a choice of companies is never more important than for auto insurance. The factors that can determine your rate are growing every year and not everyone fits what every company is looking for with their best rate options. At our agency we have 5-7 companies for personal and business auto insurance protection and two of them have ranked #1 & #2 for the State for agents that have a choice of companies for well over 20 years. We are uniquely positioned to survey multiple options. Please contact us and see what works for you!

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